Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dear astro members,

Here's our schedule for Term 4, 2008.

Orionids star party (18th - 19th Oct 2008)

Attendance for this event will be counted, and there'll be 1 way transport provided from school to Marine Parade Community Club. Since it's after Open Day, we'll go head straight there after cleaning up, and have dinner together (:
All members please reply to njastro at gmail dot com to confirm your attendance for the star party. Thanks!

Guest lecture on Wednesday 22nd October 2008

There'll be a lecture by Mr. Leek Meng Lee on our last session of the year! Title and description of the talk is as follow:

Title: From your physics textbooks to the Large Hadron Collider to the start of the universe

Introduction: This talk brings you on a journey, starting from your Physics textbooks to Man's quest in understanding the start of the Universe. We will start from the Physics at the JC level and bring it (conceptually) over to the highest Physics theories that we have. This is needed to understand the most intricate interactions between matter, energy, space and time. During the start of the Universe, we have these intricate interactions going on. Due to the high temperature and high energy, these interactions are in their most extreme version. Man attemps to reproduce such conditions on Earth through particle collider machines, the latest and the most advanced one is LHC (Large Hadron Collider). We will take a peek into this monster machine and how it will tell us the start of the Universe.

After the talk, we'll head over to Hwa Chong Institution for a brief observation session and socialise and make friends (:

Til then!

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