Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Orientation - "Under the Starry Night" 5 Feb

Dear juniors,

Thank you for indicating your interest in joining the NJC Astronomy Club! Choosing the right CCA is important as joining a CCA which interest you will enrich your college life and make your experience in NJC a fruitful and memorable one. NJC Astronomy Club, with its unique blend of the popular Science Astronomy and amateur hobby of star gazing, stands out among other CCAs in providing a distinctively different yet enjoyable experience.

In NJC Astronomy Club, we explore a wide range of disciplines including stars, planets, astrobiology, and spacecraft exploration. Some of the most bizzare theories in Astronomy- Big Bang, black hole and time travel- are also explored.

By joining NJC Astronomy Club, you can expect to do night sky observation - view planets, star clusters, nebula and galaxies throuh our telescopes, or simply enjoy the pleasure of navigating your way through constellations, perhaps in a meteor shower. You can also expect to attend exciting talks by Astronomers, overseas star-gazing trips cum immersions, Astronomy camps and competitions. Our weekly session is on Friday, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, but we do have occassional star gazing sessions at night.

Want to know more about our Astronomy Club? Join us for our orientation, "Under the Starry Night", on coming Friday (5 Feb). An introduction to the subject Astronomy and an overview of the Astronomy experience in Singapore will be presented. Exciting games and a night sky observation session are also included. Refreshment will be provided.

"Under the Starry Night"

5 February 2010, Friday

Time:4.30 - 7.00 pm (Introduction to Astronomy and games)
7.00 pm (Refreshment)
7.30 - 9.30 pm (Night sky Observation)

Venue: Sigma Lab

Any inquires, feel free to contact me (Hp: 93279588). We hope to see you on the coming Friday.

Edrei Chua
NJC Astronomy Club 2010

- Because we ain't afraid of the dark -

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