Thursday, July 29, 2010

Astro conference

Dear Astro members,

Much awaited Astro Conference is almost here! So here is a reminder =)
Okies firstly, please meet at 8 45am in Woodlands MRT station. We will meet
each other there and leave as a club =)

Secondly, there is NO SESSION tmr. Since everyone is going to be busy
on Saturday, tmr's day off is to rest and prepare =)

Next, please bring your uniform (full grey) for the forum, from
5 to 7pm. This is very important as we would not want to be dressed
inappropriately when the Minister is there. You can come in any school
t-shirt and pants or skirts in the morning and change before the forum.

Last but not least, EVERYONE has to SIGN IN and SIGN OUT so that correct
number of CIP hours can be awarded. In Woodlands CC, the registration booth
will be in the first floor. Please proceed to the booth to sign in and get your lanyard
and event t-shirt. Before leaving, please don't forget to sign out and return your lanyard.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is excited =)

Because we ain't afraid of the dark =)

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